• Maintenance and inspection Great service at a low price.

Volkswagen maintenance & inspection contract.

For a low monthly fee, this service from Volkswagen Leasing covers the labor and material costs of a maximum of six maintenance services for your Volkswagen car in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. This protects you from financial surprises - because on the one hand, the premium remains constant over the entire agreed term, and on the other, no large one-off premiums tear a hole in your household budget.With maintenance and inspection, you can be sure that all necessary services on your vehicle are carried out exclusively by workshops recognized by the manufacturer. You create an optimum basis for maintaining the value of your car. Once a Volkswagen. Always a Volkswagen.
The services:
The following services are carried out and paid for as part of maintenance and inspection:

  • Engine oil change incl. filter
  • Oil change automatic transmission incl. filter
  • Replacement of air, pollen and fuel filters
  • Brake fluid change
  • Replacement spark plugs
  • Replacement mobility
  • Including labor and material costs

For all Volkswagen passenger cars with cash purchase or financing via Volkswagen Bank, when concluding a leasing contract via Volkswagen Leasing.²
Your advantages:

  • Favorable, constant monthly premiums over the entire term - up to 48 months
  • No restrictions on the age of your vehicle and mileage
  • Calculable costs for planning security
  • Optimum performance of maintenance and inspection work at workshops approved by the manufacturer (max. 6 service events)
  • A good contribution to the safety and value retention of your vehicle

By the way: Maintenance and inspections are available for new cars, used cars and even after-sales through the service advisors at your Volkswagen service center.²

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Audi ServiceComfort.

  • All necessary inspection work in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications
  • Essential wear and tear repairs that become necessary during proper use of the vehicle
  • Replacement mobility claim**** as part of the service
  • Total mileage max. 90,000 km from the start of the contract
  • Term: 3 years
  • Scope of service: Inspection work in accordance with manufacturer's specifications, engine oil change incl. filter, automatic transmission oil change incl. filter, brake fluid change, wiper blades, bulbs, spark plugs/glow plugs, clutch, brake pads, front and rear, brake discs, front and rear, ceramic brake discs not included in the scope of service

Extended warranty**


The Audi extended warranty takes effect directly after the 24-month manufacturer's warranty and extends it by a further 36 months up to a total mileage of 100,000 km

  • Scope of services: 100% manufacturer's warranty
  • Costs for inspection work and major wear and tear items can be calculated thanks to the monthly fixed price
  • Effective protection against many unforeseeable repair costs
  • Long-term quality maintenance through professional service in accordance with AUDI AG specifications
  • Reduction of your administrative workload - elimination of time-consuming invoice checks

* Offer only applies to Audi factory service vehicles and Audi rental vehicles with an Audi extended warranty up to a vehicle age of 24 months and a total mileage of 30,000 km (reference date: date of re-registration to the new used car customer).

** Audi extended warranty already included in Audi factory service cars and Audi rental vehicles in accordance with the terms and conditions of AUDI AG, Ingolstadt.
*** Inspection and wear and tear of Audi Leasing, branch of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH, bound to the contract term. If the agreed total mileage is exceeded, the customer's entitlement to benefits lapses. Not for special customers and fleet customers.
**** This benefit includes the entitlement to a limited assumption of costs for replacement mobility (e.g. rental car), which can be obtained via the Group dealer organization. The replacement mobility only applies in connection with services that are covered by the inspection and wear and tear service. The replacement mobility is granted for up to 3 days per contract year depending on the contractually agreed total mileage.
***** Audi Bank, Zweigniederlassung der Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Braunschweig. Audi Leasing, branch of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH, Brunswick. Cash payment requires the conclusion of a service management contract with Audi Leasing.