Complete paintwork, partial paintwork, paint repairs, matt paintwork


  • Repair of accident damage (VW accident specialist)
  • Removal of parking lot damage
  • Dent removal
  • Hail damage repair
  • Stone chip damage repair


  • Complete paintwork
  • Partial paintwork
  • Paint repairs (spot repair)
  • Design paintwork
  • Painting of tuning and add-on parts

Matt paintwork:

  • Complete vehicles
  • Partial paintwork
  • Accident repairs
  • Design paintwork
  • Rims & various accessories

About the matt paint process:

For all metallic or pearlescent shades, color adjustments must be made to adjacent components. Only complete components can be painted; spot and smart repairs are therefore not possible. Dust inclusions cannot be removed afterwards, which is why the preparation work, including cabin cleaning, is very time-consuming.
We will be happy to provide you with prices for your individual vehicle - simply contact us. An undamaged rim that is to be painted matt costs approx. €125 as a price guide.

Do you have a special request? Our paint specialist, Mr. Oltsch, will be happy to help you (Tel. 03744-25 07 0).


Intelligent, economical repair methods for minor damage such as dents, scratches, hail damage or stone chip damage are carried out using the latest methods, tools and paints by our specially trained specialists in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, e.g. spot repair painting.

Contact our master painter André Oltsch