• A gearbox flush is recommended every 60,000 km

Is the shifting behavior of your automatic vehicle deteriorating?
Then it's time for a transmission flush.

The signs that it is the right time to flush the transmission are almost inconspicuous.
Sometimes the automatic transmission / direct shift gearbox (DSG) changes to the next gear with a delay, the individual gears are extended too far or the vehicle jerks when parking or stopping at a junction.
What appears harmless at first glance should not be ignored under any circumstances.

Why should I have a transmission flush carried out?

Contamination in the transmission oil due to abrasion can clog the fine oil channels. High shear forces and temperature fluctuations in the automatic transmission cause the important molecules & additives in the transmission oil to age and wear out. This can ultimately lead to problems such as jerking, delayed gear changes or slippage when accelerating. In the worst case, the automatic transmission has to be replaced, overhauled or otherwise repaired, which can cost several thousand euros.
An automatic transmission flush should therefore be carried out regularly, approx. every 80,000 km, in order to avoid late effects and even total failure. All deposits and residues are gently removed from the automatic transmission under specified parameters.

The advantages of an automatic transmission flush

Transmission flushing removes the deposits and replaces the oil in a single process. This has many advantages:

  • Clean and optimum shifting behavior improves driving performance and your vehicle shifts perfectly again.
  • A transmission flush significantly increases the service life of your transmission and preserves the value and functions of your vehicle in the long term.
  • Protect your vehicle from premature wear with a transmission flush and avoid cost-intensive repairs.
  • In many cases, fuel consumption is reduced by earlier, faster and smoother gear changes.

This means that you are always on the safe side with an automatic transmission flush so that you can drive on the roads with peace of mind in the future. If you notice that your automatic transmission is causing problems, you are welcome to visit us. We will check for you whether your vehicle needs a transmission flush.

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