Repairs to glass, fabric, plastic, leather

Our services:

  • Stone chip repair / windshield repair
  • Fabric repair
  • Plastic repair
  • Leather repair

Glass repair service:

Stone chip repair at no extra cost:
Under comprehensive insurance, the insurer will even pay for the damage without you having to share the costs. In the event that your comprehensive insurance does not pay, ask about our favorable offers.

Glass repair using the latest methods:
For safety reasons, no repair in the driver's field of vision and in the peripheral zone, damage no larger than 5 mm ø (impact) and 40 mm ø (breakage). Repair not completely invisible even in the most favorable case.

Clever Repair:

Intelligent, economical repair methods for minor damage such as scratches or holes in plastic or leather are carried out by our specially trained specialists using the latest methods and tools in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

So you get away cheaply and your car still looks as if almost nothing had happened.