• The sticker service at Autohaus Meinhold.

General inspection / HU

Since January 1, 2010, the main inspection (in accordance with § 29 StVZO) has also integrated the previous exhaust emissions test (AU), meaning that the AU sticker (front) is no longer required.
The general inspection is required by law and is mandatory for every road user. And you know that during a traffic check, the eye of the law also takes a closer look at the license plate. Save yourself the trouble and make sure you know in good time when it's time to change your sticker.

Our sticker service saves you annoying formalities, time and effort. Simply register and have the general inspection carried out at Autohaus Meinhold. The HU is carried out by an officially recognized inspection organization or test engineers from such an organization. If the inspection reveals that work needs to be carried out on the car, we can arrange this with you. This saves you a possible follow-up inspection and the associated additional costs.

You register your car for the appointment and we take care of everything else.

Emission test / AU

The exhaust emissions test (AU) is a statutory inspection of the exhaust system. Recognized test centres check whether the exhaust emissions of your vehicle are within the prescribed limits. This is intended to limit environmental pollution caused by pollutant emissions.
First of all, a visual inspection is carried out during the exhaust emissions test. Are there any recognizable defects in emission-relevant components such as the injection system, air filter and exhaust? This is followed by a tailpipe measurement. A probe in the exhaust tailpipe measures the exhaust gases produced by the vehicle and the quantities of these at different engine speeds and engine temperatures.

Environmental badge

The emissions key in the vehicle documents determines the allocation to an emissions class. There are four pollutant categories: Pollutant group 1 does not receive a sticker. This group includes diesel vehicles with emission standard Euro 1 or worse and vehicles with gasoline engines without a regulated catalytic converter or, in some cases, with a first-generation regulated catalytic converter. However, it is often possible to obtain a sticker for these vehicles by technically retrofitting the exhaust gas control or purification system. The other pollutant groups receive a red, yellow or green sticker. Cars, commercial vehicles and buses with pollutant classes Euro 2 to Euro 6 (cars) and Euro II to Euro VI (trucks, buses) are labeled.
We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information. You can also obtain your environmental sticker from us.

Accident prevention regulation / UVV

As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to have your commercially used vehicles, whether Volkswagen, commercial vehicles, Audi or other makes, inspected by competent inspectors to ensure that they are in a safe operating condition. Anyone who fails to comply with this obligation risks a fine. The vehicle owner is responsible for compliance with the accident prevention regulations.The respective vehicles must be inspected once a year and their condition documented. As a service partner, we have the required expertise and ensure that your vehicle complies with the statutory accident prevention regulations by issuing the UVV inspection report.

This certificate must be kept until the next UVV inspection after one year.

The following features, among others, are checked:
- Road safety
- Attachments and body parts (e.g. trunk lid, hood, doors)
- Load securing (separating net for estate cars, belts, aids)
- Trailer coupling
- Handholds and other safety-relevant vehicle parts