• The tire warranty With our tire warranty, you are always on the safe side!

36 months protection against unexpected tire damage.

When you purchase certain quality tires or complete wheels from Autohaus Meinhold, you automatically receive a free tire warranty.

The tire warranty is valid for 36 months from the date of purchase (look for the warranty seal on the invoice at the time of purchase). The tire warranty applies to car tires of any size and to van tires up to and including 16 inches, for vehicles of all makes and years of manufacture. Your advantage: The tire warranty can be redeemed nationwide at over 2,500 participating Volkswagen partners.

You are entitled to a replacement in the event of:

  • Tire damage caused by nails or other sharp objects.
  • Damage caused by kerbs.
  • Vandalism.

In the case of tire replacement, the current value of the damaged tire is determined on the basis of the tread depth. The purchase of the new tire from a participating Volkswagen partner is a prerequisite for offsetting. Of course, you will receive a new tire warranty with every new tire.

Contact person for tire warranty: