Service with profile - at Autohaus Meinhold.

Tire and wheel storage with us - convenient and affordable!

You have more space in your cellar or garage and your valuable tires are stored professionally. Moving, packing and storing wheels - all at reasonable prices. Plus our tire service: measuring air pressure and tread depth, checking the tread pattern and condition of the tires and, if required, wheel cleaning and balancing.

So you can be sure that everything will run smoothly in the new season.

Do you have a question?
Our parts service staff for VW/Skoda and Audi will be happy to help you.

We don't just store your bikes somewhere...

For us, professional storage means
-Wheel cleaning, professionally and safely by our tire washing machine and appropriately trained staff
-Wheel check for tread depth, damage or defects on tires/rims
-Wheel storage optimized according to very high safety criteria and including insurance cover

You can find matching complete wheels, tires and rims here.

Our tire information system will help you find the right tire for your vehicle. The required tire information can be found in the vehicle registration or on the tire itself. We are also happy to help you with advice and assistance when it comes to summer tires, winter tires, steel rims, alloy rims and complete wheels.

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