• Sustainability is also a top priority at Autohaus Meinhold.

Global climate change is one of the many effects of a changing world. Factors such as sustainable, entrepreneurial and responsible action and management reflect the expectations of successful companies and are becoming increasingly important.
In order to ensure sustainability within the company, it is necessary for there to be coordinated interaction between different areas in order to achieve the desired goal. We also want to make our contribution and have taken the first steps towards becoming a sustainable company.

Sustainability at Autohaus Meinhold:

Further measures are constantly being implemented in our operations to make your contribution toCO2 savings and sustainability:

  • Our customers are only contacted and informed about our wheel change weeks, the upcoming HU appointment and personal birthday greetings in digital form
  • The invoice for our customers is also available in digital form
  • The outside areas of our buildings have insect hotels and green spaces as bee meadows
  • A large PV system on our premises and an in-house CHP unit provide our homes with almost self-sufficient electricity and heat
  • The pick-up and delivery service for our businesses has been converted to an ID.3 and an ID.5. All courier trips or vehicle collections are carried out with a fully electric vehicle where possible.
  • We also have various e-scooters for rental to customers and for internal use between our companies
  • An ABT electric van transports goods between our companies
  • Our advertising elements, employee workstations and storage areas have modern, economical LED lighting
  • All employees at our stores only use glass water bottles
  • Every employee uses porcelain tableware, and we also use glasses and cups in the customer corner to avoid disposable tableware.
  • Our cleaning cloths for the workshop and for internal cleaning are reusable
  • All workstations have paper waste garbage cans. Residual waste and plastic are collected centrally in the coffee kitchen. This ensures optimal separation of recyclable materials.
We will continue to review our buildings for sustainability and look for ways to optimize them, as this is our path to a clean future.