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Audi connect stands for the online connection between driver, vehicle and infrastructure. It bundles all applications that use online connections with the car to offer real-time information and versatile services. The online services not only supplement route planning with foresight, but you can also find the perfect destination with the help of Yelp user reviews and photos from other visitors, for example. In this way, Audi connect not only takes the strain off you and supports anticipatory driving, but also allows you to stay up to date while driving without taking your eyes off the road. With Audi connect, your Audi becomes your intelligent partner.

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Is my Audi connect-capable?

Connect services are already available in all current Audi models. For technical reasons, the services differ depending on the model. See which services are available in your desired model!

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Have you purchased a vehicle equipped with Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment and would now like to use the helpful functions?

myAudi is your key to the digitally connected world of Audi. Here you can access important vehicle data, manage your data via the portal or the app and configure and customize your services. Whether it's the digital service certificate, personal vehicle details, a vehicle status report or news about Audi: all this and much more is available to you at the touch of a button - conveniently from your PC at home or on the move via the myAudi app. As an Audi connect user, you also have access to all personal services after registering in the myAudi app or the myAudi portal, such as locking and unlocking your vehicle with your smartphone. You can also make settings for your services or send your personal navigation destinations to your Audi.

To the myAudi portal

Step 1: myAudi registration

The password-protected myAudi portal is the central nervous system for Audi connect. Here you can configure and manage your Audi connect services and make settings. Registration is possible via the myAudi app or at

  • Set a password
  • Your e-mail address is your user name
  • Create your vehicle with the chassis number (VIN). This can be found in your vehicle registration document, for example.

Step 2: Defining a main user

To be able to use the "Audi connect Remote & Control" services to their full extent, you must verify yourself as the main user on the myAudi portal. To do this, first conclude a main user contract via the myAudi portal or in the myAudi app and then log in to your vehicle as the main user. Proceed as follows:

  • Start the verification process in the portal or in the app to complete the main user contract
  • Click on "Verify now"
  • Enter your personal data and set a 4-digit PIN
  • Select a verification channel (cell phone, email or Audi partner*) and confirm the terms and conditions
  • Then log in as the main user in your vehicle
  • Enter myAudi user name and 10-digit vehicle code in the MMI (this must be scratched off the vehicle key in advance)
  • Set main user

* In order to be able to use the Audi connect key, verification via us as an Audi partner is necessary

Step 3: Set up the "Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment" services

The vehicle must be connected to the main user's myAudi account so that you can make full use of the "Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment" services. You can either link the main user to the vehicle by entering the myAudi user data in the MMI or select automatic transfer of the user name/email address via the connection to your vehicle's Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Enter e-mail/myAudi user name and password in the MMI
  • For automatic transfer, please ensure that you are logged into the myAudi app and that the Wi-Fi hotspot in your vehicle is activated. In the MMI of your vehicle, go to Settings > Connection settings > WLAN

myAudi app

The myAudi app connects your Audi with your everyday life and brings more driving comfort into your life with innovative functions & services. Call up real-time information about your vehicle at any time and keep an eye on the fuel level, range, service appointments, warning messages and much more. Plan journeys conveniently in your app and send destinations and routes directly to your vehicle. You can also operate the air conditioning and open and close the vehicle doors remotely. The availability of services may vary depending on the model and equipment of your Audi.

To the myAudi app

How do I connect to my vehicle?

In many European countries, the services are provided via a SIM card permanently installed in the vehicle. The costs for data connections are included in the price of the services. Excluded from this are the data connection for the Wi-Fi hotspot, the use of the online media streaming, online radio and hybrid radio services and other services offered via an Audi smartphone app. The data connection for these services is also provided via the SIM card permanently installed in the vehicle, but requires a chargeable data tariff from the Audi partner. Information on tariffs and booking can be found at If an external SIM card is nevertheless inserted into the card slot, all data connections (for Audi connect services and WLAN) are established via this SIM card. Any costs incurred as a result shall be borne by the customer. Reimbursement of the costs by Audi is excluded. For some services, for example locking and unlocking the vehicle with "Audi connect Remote & Control", registration with myAudi and verification as the main user is required. This protects your vehicle from unauthorized third-party access. Information on the registration process can be found on the following pages or from your Audi partner. If you wish to use certain synchronization functions of the myAudi app, such as sending destinations to the vehicle, you must log in to your myAudi account in the vehicle.

Audi connect SIM

The Audi connect SIM is a SIM card installed directly in the vehicle (embedded SIM), which you receive with the Audi connect equipment depending on the model and country. Depending on the model, the SIM card brings the connect services on board via an LTE/UMTS module with up to 100 MBit/s download speed. It includes an integrated data volume for the use of most Audi connect services. In addition, the Audi connect SIM automatically accesses the respective national provider in most European countries if required. This makes country-specific high roaming charges and inconvenient roaming confirmations a thing of the past. In addition, you can also purchase data volume for your own Wi-Fi hotspot for you and your passengers' mobile devices. This also enables online media streaming (e.g. from Amazon Prime Music) and listening to web radio stations via the online radio.

Please note that additional data volume must be booked via Cubic Telecom for the following services: Online Radio, Hybrid Radio, Online Media Streaming and other app-based streaming services.

How much does it cost to extend the Audi Connect services?

z. e.g.: License extension Audi A4 1 year
Audi A4 / S4 / RS4 type 8K / B8 - model year 2013 - 2015 (Traffic Information Online for 12 months: €65 incl. VAT)
Audi A4 / S4 / RS4 type 8W / B9 - from model year 2016 (connected infotainment services for 12 months: € 145 incl. VAT)

Simply look in your my Audi app in the Functions on demand store and select your desired services.

There you will see prices, terms, offers such as the teaser/(trial) month for EUR 1, etc.

You are welcome to add us as your favorite service partner and we will help you with any questions:
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Your equipment booked via Functions on Demand is activated "over the air" after booking.
Prerequisite: To activate your equipment, the vehicle must be online (vehicle must have mobile phone reception, privacy mode must not be activated). Your vehicle must be restarted after the booking has been completed.


Functions on demand

  • Book selected functions online at any time after delivery
  • Launch of the new AudiPay payment service for additional digital services
  • Available in eight model series, further models and markets to follow

Audi is now offering its customers the option of booking selected functions on demand - even after the car has been purchased - online via myAudi.

Functions on Demand means new flexibility when buying a car. As an option, functions from the areas of lighting, driver assistance and infotainment can now also be booked after the vehicle has been purchased and individually according to flexible terms. Customers can choose from various terms. Functions on Demand is currently available for the all-electric e-tron models and the current A4, A5, A6, A7, Q5, Q7 and Q8 models (from model year 2020). Further model series and functions will follow.

Different functions are offered depending on the vehicle model. The rates for Functions on Demand vary.

If the customer would like to get to know a function first, they have the option of booking a one-month test phase. During this phase, they can extend the booking according to their personal requirements. If the customer decides against an extension, the booking expires automatically and without active termination at the end of the selected term. The booked functions always relate to the respective car. In the event of a resale, they remain active for the remaining term - and can be used by the next owner. The next owner can also book additional functions at a later date according to their personal requirements.

Booking and payment are made via the My Audi app or the myAudi web portal, according to the OTA principle ("over the air").

The Audi connect packages available for the respective vehicle can now also be extended and new Audi connect features can be booked via myAudi.

AudiPay is also being launched together with Functions on Demand. Protected by a secure connection with the Group's own payment service provider VW Payments S.A., customers can now buy and pay for digital services for their car using their stored credit cards. Further payment services such as Paypal, Klarna or other local payment functions are planned for the future.

Functions on demand

e.g.: LED matrix beam 1,- EUR test month

Audi Smartphone Interface 1,- EUR test month

Further information on activating Audi service reminders online

Booking process via myAudi App or myAudi Portal:
- You as a customer must have a verified myAudi account
- You must also be nominated as a main user or secondary user & your privacy mode must be deactivated

- Your vehicle must be created in the Audi account and selected in the myAudi app or myAudi portal
- If the created vehicle is FoD-capable, the FoD Store will be displayed in the myAudi app
- When booking for the first time, e.g. activating the 1 euro teaser, payment and billing data must be entered for the first time