45 years of automotive experience in the Vogtland.

On January 16, 1978, owner and managing director Jürgen Meinhold founded an automotive workshop in Jägersgrün within his parents' haulage business.

In1980, as a master mechanic, he received a contract with VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerk Zwickau.

In the following years until 1989, the number of employees grew to ten.

Even before German reunification, in May 1990, the Volkswagen Group concluded a dealership agreement with Jürgen Meinhold.

In June 1992, the foundation stone for a new company building was laid at the current location in Auerbach, OT Rebesgrün.
The inauguration as a VW and Audi dealership on the 8,000 m² site took place on December 4, 1992.

On May 1, 2000, the Audi dealership Meinhold was founded in Rodewisch, Gewerbepark Göltzschtal, and the brand separation was completed.
In March 2006, the VW dealership was extensively redesigned. The new "outfit" is intended to give all customers and visitors the best possible impression of harmony and practicality.

The company has been working as a certified Volkswagen accident specialist since 2008.
In 2009, the Audi dealership was once again awarded the title of "Audi Top Service" partner and was able to pass on its excellent performance to satisfied customers.

In 2010, the VW dealership was honored by Volkswagen Service Deutschland for its "Excellent Service" and named one of the 50 best German Volkswagen service partners in Germany.

In2011, Autohaus Meinhold was honoured by Volkswagen AG as one of the 50 best partners in the German dealer organization for its overall business performance in the 2010 financial year. The "Forum of the Best" award is presented in recognition of outstanding performance in the areas of market success and customer satisfaction. This tremendous honor was received again in 2012.

The new combined heat and power plant was put into operation on November 11, 2011. With an investment of 750,000 euros, five additional jobs were created in the new paint shop.
By building an innovative photo booth with turntable, lighting and stage technology, professional camera equipment and much more, we were able to revolutionize the photo documentation of our vehicles in the online presentation area.
With the ongoing optimization of our online presence, our homepage has been expanded to include a mobile version, making it even more user-friendly for tablets and smartphones to find their dream vehicle from Autohaus Meinhold.

We supply ourselves with energy. One of our "hardest-working employees" hums away day and night to our complete satisfaction.

Since 2013, we have been one of Audi AG's 4 Germany-wide paint and bodywork competence centers.

In order to become a Volkswagen e-Partner and to include the sale and servicing of hybrid and electric vehicles in our portfolio, we invested in the operation of two electric charging stations at the end of 2014, e.g. for the simultaneous charging of customer and demonstration vehicles.

In addition to CHP electricity and a small existing PV system on our warehouse roof at the VW site, we now generate the electrical energy for the sustainability of the alternative drives from 286 PV elements on the entire front of the newly insulated south-facing side of this former steel construction hall. These now generate an additional 55 kilowatt hours. The surplus electricity from our own requirements is fed into the public grid.
Finally, it was also possible to connect our self-sufficient power supply to the Audi plant.

Since the end of 2014, with the expansion of the S299, the A72 freeway feeder road, our access road to the Audi plant has been realized. This saves us time and energy as an indirect connecting road to the Volkswagen plant and the adjacent paint shop and body shop.

Meinholdstrasse 1" has been equipped with appropriate signage, delineators etc. and is currently even included in the new navigation maps and on Google Maps.
Incidentally, the road is closed to through traffic.

The mechanical turntable of our photo site was "electrified" in January 2015. Now our vehicles can be rotated into the various positions for the picture galleries on the Internet exchanges at the touch of a button.

In spring 2015, we received the Audi Top Service Partner award, with which the brand with the four rings honors outstanding performance in the service sector. The award is presented on the basis of top scores for customer satisfaction and service quality. Our team achieved above-average results in the assessment by AUDI AG.

On July 4, 2015, we successfully celebrated the inauguration of our new, additional vehicle parking area for new and used cars, as well as commercial vehicles, on the site of the former off-road course at the Volkswagen plant. We received a smaller version of the popular course for the presentation of the successful VW Amarok model.

Since July 2016, wheel alignments and adjustments to assistance systems have been carried out at the newly created wheel alignment station in accordance with the latest manufacturer specifications. The new work area has created optimal conditions for our customers and their cars/vans.

On January 16, 2018 , we celebrated our 40th company anniversary. We are proud of what we have achieved so far. Continuous technological adjustments, economic challenges, extensions, conversions and expansions of the sites have been necessary again and again during this time. All these steps have been necessary and have set the course for us. The reason for this is simple! The reason is you! After 40 years, we would like to thank you most sincerely for the trust you have placed in us. We are looking forward to the continuation.

2018 - We are an Audi Top Service Partner:

Audi uses this title to recognize special achievements in the service sector. The assessment takes particular account of service quality criteria. With results well above average, we thus achieved an excellent service.

January 2019 - new Softecs car wash from Washtec at the Audi service facility
Now also incl. underbody wash, as well as extra wide drive-in lanes for commercial vehicle transporters!

May 2020- repeated Audi Top Service Partner

August 2020- Inauguration of our new wheel/tire center

With our marketable machines, we can now mount, hunter & balance requirements up to a tire size of 24 inches. Our Hunter balancing machine also gives us a unique selling point. This is a vibration control device that can be used to measure and, if necessary, improve/optimize concentricity deviations and radial run-out, as well as the vibrations resulting from these forces in the vehicle. We are also able to bring all types of tires (low-profile, ultra-high performance and run-flat tires) to a core temperature of 24 degrees, meaning that all types of tires can be fitted properly and professionally in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

October 2020- Changed postal address at the Audi plant

For many years, our company headquarters were located in Rodewisch at Göltzschtalblick 2a. Our employees and also the building location - everything remains as you know us. Only our postal address is now Meinholdstraße 1 in 08209 Auerbach.

January 16, 2023
For 45 years, the name Meinhold has stood for expertise, service and customer satisfaction in the Vogtland region.
All the more reason for us as a company to say THANK YOU.
We are delighted about this successful, human & entrepreneurial achievement. The entire team at Häuser Meinhold is proud to be part of this wonderful team. Here's to many more years of trust, solidarity and confidence - even in challenging times!

April 2023
We are keeping up with the times and want our customers to be able to charge their vehicles quickly with us.
That is why we have installed a new fast charger with 1x 50 kW DC and one 22 kW type 2 AC in our customer parking lot and are already looking forward to the great demand.

Over 75 employees, including 9 trainees, ensure comprehensive service quality.
You can be sure that we will continue to pave the way for your satisfaction and our future together!