Vehicles for people with disabilities

Being mobile means being independent.

The team at Autohaus Meinhold sees working with disabled people as a special pleasure and challenge. That is why we pass on all our knowledge and our willingness to help to you - our customers. We advise and act free of prejudice, with human and professional competence.

Because you are important to us, we have created a support concept for people with reduced mobility. Through intensive training of our sales staff and service contacts, as well as close support from Volkswagen and Audi, we are now able to provide you with even more effective and personal advice and support.

Three convincing reasons why we at Autohaus Meinhold are the right partner for you:

  1. Our wide range of vehicles:
    From the Caddy Life, Caddy Maxi Life to the Multivan, the Caravelle to the Crafter Kombi and also many passenger car models from VW and Audi- we are your competent vehicle partner for your personal mobility needs!
  2. Comprehensive conversions and range of services:
    Conversions tailored to your physical limitations in combination with trustworthy, personal and high-quality service support for all aspects of your vehicle - we see ourselves as service providers and specialists!
  3. Competent contact partners on site:
    We clarify all the necessary processing modalities for you, such as driving license requirements, subsidy approvals, estate entitlements, applications for funding bodies, etc. - we are your processor and offer everything from a single source!

Mobility without a handicap - the Caddy and the Caddy Maxi

As a disabled person, do you value being able to enjoy mobility that is as unrestricted as possible?

Then choose a vehicle that meets this requirement: Volkswagen Caddy Life or Caddy Maxi Life

Our offer for people in wheelchairs (passive users) and their relatives:

Test the Caddy with rear cut-out.

The vehicle, which has been equipped to meet your needs, has an electro-hydraulic rear lowering system. With the help of a ramp, wheelchair access into the vehicle interior is very convenient. The interior of the Caddy is extremely spacious, even in terms of height. This means that there is room for almost everyone, no matter how tall they are.
The different types of wheelchair are also no problem. Whether it is a manual wheelchair, an electric wheelchair or a care wheelchair: The interior of the Caddy is large enough to meet your requirements.

More comfort during the journey.
The Caddy is also equipped with a restraint system. This special system provides wheelchair users with even more safety and comfort. Because the person sitting in the wheelchair can lean against a headrest and a backrest, the vibrations that occur when driving are reduced. This makes the journey much more pleasant.

The restraint system ensures safety.
The person in the wheelchair is secured by a lap belt and a diagonal shoulder belt, the wheelchair is firmly anchored to the floor with straps or a power knot system. The height and angle of the crash-tested restraint system can be adjusted and complies with strict European safety guidelines. In the event of a rear-end collision, it offers significantly better protection for the person being transported.

Test the special caddy.

With us you have the opportunity to test the Caddy with rear lowering and restraint system extensively. Just give us a call! Your contact person is Mr. Lutz Kämpfe, phone: 03744-2507 29.

Reliable partner - the Multivan.

In addition to the Caddy, the Multivan is particularly popular with active self-drivers.

In addition to the generous amount of space and unique flexibility in the interior, it offers the option of individually converting and extending the vehicle to make it suitable for disabled people. There are numerous conversion companies that can convert your Multivan to meet your needs and adapt it precisely to your requirements. Your contact person will be happy to help you select a suitable conversion company.

Current impressions of a conversion project on behalf of a customer

This year, we were once again able to carry out customizations for our customers with disabled access.

Please get in.
The generous amount of space in the interior of the Multivan, in combination with the flexible rail system, allows a completely free layout. All individual seats and the entire rear bench in the passenger compartment can be moved steplessly and even removed completely if required. With the seat rail extension from Veigel, you also have the option of moving the driver's seat so far back that you can easily switch from wheelchair to wheelchair.

Everything under control.
A hand control unit for accelerator and brake, such as the "Heidelberg RS" model from Mobilcenter Zawatzky GmbH, not only enables safe driving, but above all fatigue-free driving - thanks to its ergonomic design. The operating principle is very simple: pressing down on the control lever accelerates the vehicle, while a forward movement activates the brakes. In addition, a plug-in rotary knob is attached to the steering wheel, which serves as a convenient steering aid.

Simply at the touch of a button.
The sliding side doors and high ground clearance make the Multivan the ideal vehicle for installing a lift system. The "K90" cassette lift from manufacturer AMF-Bruns, for example, makes it easy for drivers of manual and electronic wheelchairs to get in and out of the vehicle. It has a load capacity of up to 350 kg. The new "K90 Active" model has been specially developed for sporty wheelchair users.

For the first time, the innovative design allows the lift platform to be accessed parallel to the vehicle and from both sides. The slim entry aid with a load capacity of up to 200 kg only requires a side clearance of 70 cm and disappears completely under the vehicle when not in use, just like the "K90". It is also no longer necessary to relocate the tank with the "Active" version. With the optional remote control, both models can also be operated quickly and easily from the outside.

Benefit from a special discount of up to 15 %.

Persons with proof of disability showing a degree of at least 50 are entitled to an estate. Also entitled to a discount are people with proof of thalidomide damage or a necessary driving aid entered on their driver's license.
Discounts for promotional models are regulated separately.

What requirements must be met?

You will receive the above discount if you or a family member have a disability certificate with a degree of disability of 50% or more and one of the following classifications:G ( disabled) / aG (exceptionally disabled) / H ( helpless) / GI (deaf) / Bl (blind) / B ( permanently accompanied) A thalidomide impairment or a driving aid registered on your driver's license also entitles you to our discount.

Put us to the test!

We would be pleased to make you a non-binding offer for your individual mobility requirements. To facilitate the purchase of a vehicle, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, for example, grants people with mobility impairments a

Our contact partners will be happy to provide you with a consultation.

Of course, we can also arrange a test drive for you, e.g. with a Caddy converted for the disabled. We would also be happy to come to you, just as you wish.